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Blockcain based artificial intelligence that able to recognize faces and objects using surveillance cameras


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The legal entity was registered
on April 03, 2015.
D-U-N-S Number: 102122-196939

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Works in 28 languages.

Missing people search
Search squads and special services still search for missing people using flashlights in the outdoors and abandoned buildings. This is now a history!
Witnesses search
Got your wallet, bag or other valuable item stolen? Find witnesses or video footage from the crime scene.
Bystanders search
Looking for a person, who was in a specific place at specific time and you don't know how to find them? It is now possible within a few clicks!
Search for criminals
The security of the city is provided by CCTV Cameras, however many districts drop out of sight range of vision. There are blind spots even in central areas. The surveillance is hindered during mass arrangements. We will help to solve this problem!
AI-assisted people search
Employment of learning neural networks allow to reach exceptional video analytics effectiveness results. The search for the required person comes to a brand new level.
The whole world under sight
By 2020 there would be more than 1 billion of vidceo cameras worldcwide. Any of those devices would be able to operate under our platform.
Safety + Health
Active implementation of partner services, which are targeted on the city safety improvement, ranging from the online registration of street fights and robberies with immediate transfer of such information to the appropriate services, to saving lives through prompt responce.
Why blockchain?
On a worldwide scale, processing of large video streams require huge capacities and resources. That's why we will employ miners' capacities as the most effective and rational mean for video analytics based on neural networks.
What are the advantages?
Complex solutions for biometric face recognition in public places based on deep-learning neural networks operate dramatically faster than the traditional algorithms.
How to monetize it?
The user, who searches for a person or an event footage, pays. The INSPEN service earns by taking a fee. Also, any user can earn by selling content from any video camera owned by them.

Government services assistance
Special services of any city can always send a picture of a criminal to our database, and if the camera that is connected to our system detects them in any part of the world, the owner of that camera would automatically recieve a reward, while the special services would recieve a picture of the criminal and the coordinates where he was caught in sight.
To safe people's lives
Our technology could be used by the rescue services and the fellow citizens who help a sick bystander. Here's an example: a person on the street with a heart failure requires urgent assistance. Bystanders show certain gestures to the nearest surveillance camera, in a few minutes a drone that carries a diffibrilator/medkit/oxygen mask/etc appears. As a first prototype solution we consider collaboration with Ambulance Drone.
Missing people search
Got your relative or friend missing? It is not required to wait for search squads or police anymore. Our solution allows to quickly receive valuable videos. Upload the missing person's picture and all the cameras that have captured that face would report it and offer information on a geolocation and an exact image capture time. This easy search access would help millions of people around the globe.
Witnesses of road accidents
A person is looking for car crash witnesses and also for a footage taken from a car that drove by, to solve a disputable situation that they got involved into.
Find a thief
A thief stole a bag from your car or on a busy intersection? Find video of the incident from a passing car is now easy.
Search for a criminal
Any video camera on the planet (in a store, cafe, private house) will be able to recognize the criminal, and INSPEM immediately informs the location of the police.
Our service already supports 28 languages.
You can mark any spot of the Globe on the map.

We are glad to introduce our team that is responsible for the developing and promotion of the INSPEM people search service. We have gathered together highly qualified specialists who formed the coordinated and productive team.
Mikhail Bondarenko
Graduated from the Russian South Federal University, «Protected communication systems» specialty, defended the graduation thesis on «Biometric means of person identification». Has business experience since 2010. Sucessfully started 5 projects, both in retail and the Internet.
He has the channel on YouTube about blockchain technologies.
Vyacheslav Jhurkin
CTO Co-Founder
Has a higher radio engineering education in the specialty «protection of means of communication». Engineer of video surveillance systems and access control. He has 8 years of experience in the implementation of complex systems at large industrial facilities: power plants, oil pipelines, Sberbank and other banks, hydroelectric power plants.
Andrey Jhukov
iOS и Android Developer
Technical education. More that 10 years of coding experience. Has a 5-year experience of Android and iOS application developing.
Alexdander Strakh
Smart-Contract Developer
Graduated from the Bauman Moscow State Technical University. Has over 10 years of high-load systems developing and 3 years of blockchain developing. Coding languages: Solidity, C++, JavaScript.
Alexander Matvienko
System Administrator
Technical edcucation. More than a 10-year network administration and server maintenance experience. C++ coding skills.
Lidiya Tarakanova
PR manager
Graduated from the teacher's university, foreign languges faculty. Taught English and Spanish languages. Has a 5-year marketing campaign experience.
Vitaliy Murugov
Lawyer. Economist.
He graduated from the Kuban state Agrarian University with a degree in" Lawyer", as well as the Kuban state Technological University with a degree in" Economist " Lawyer experience since 2010.
Anna Derkunskaya
Highly experienced graphic interface designer.
Boris Gorohov
Lawyer by Asia
Graduated from the Shanghai University of Political Science and Law. Legal affairs in China and Asian markets.
Vadim Ivanenko
Vadim Ivanenko is a serial enterpreneur, angel investor and blockchain evangelist.

CEO and Founder at Luft. Luft is an international digital agency, HQ in Odessa, Ukraine. Luft Digital Agency is focused on reaching customers business goals.
We started at early 2013 and since that time we helped 50+ startups to become successful.
Luft has a deep expertise in blockchain, medical, fitness, beauty, e-commerce, real estate, finance, datings and entertainment fields.
B. Lee Jones
Visionary Technologist. California Science and Technology University. Stanford University.

B. Lee Jones was a recipient of the prestigious CIO 100 Award for his work in Enterprise Application Integration. Lee is a widely published and quoted authority on Enterprise Application architecture/integration, computer and network security, international information technology (IT) management, ISO22301, ISO17799, ISO900, ISO9001, ISOTL900, CoBit, ITIL, ITSM, HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley..

Lee is an Elite Expert for IMS Expert Services and a GLG Scholar-Technology, Media and Telecom Councils and Expert Witness for Gerson Lehrman Group and serves as an IT advisor and contributor to Information Week, CIO Magazine, CIO Insight and several other leading industry publications. Lee and his COB/CEO were featured in State of the CIO 2004. Lee has been a featured CIO speaker at the Stanford GSB High Technology Conference, a featured CIO speaker at the UCLA Anderson School of Management BIT Conference, a featured speaker on CIO Talk Radio and featured panelist at the CIO Breakfast Briefing at NGDC and a featured CIO speaker at the IT Management Conference in NYC. Lee was the Keynote Speaker for the Information Week Leadership Summit at Interop 2017.
Umar Shafiq
Master of Science, University of Surrey, U.K. Ph.D in Aerospace Engineering (KAIST, South Korea 2015-2019).

Umar Shafiq is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor and blockchain evangelist. He is the inventor of GraphBlock, a blockchain project that uses Graph Theory Algorithms and merges it with Blockchain. He is also the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at BitWin Limited ( He is also associated with other mega blockchain projects such as ICOmax and BigDataBlock.
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